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Solveig A. Cunningham Research Group


About me

 I am a Demographer and Sociologist with training and experience in family demography, cardio-metabolic health, and survey and statistical methods, including the analysis of complex longitudinal datasets. My work focuses on the implications of social factors for chronic disease throughout the lifespan; it has been supported by 15 NIH-funded projects. 

My long-term goal is to develop a portfolio of research focused on understanding the social and behavioral components of chronic disease and how these can be engaged to improve health. 

Our Research

Our research contributes to mapping out the life history of obesity. Findings have helped identify the need to focus on obesity prevention very early in life and to highlight the elevated risks of long-term obesity experienced by children who are heavy at very young ages. I am leading a multi-disciplinary team in advancing our knowledge of the dynamics of obesity in early life and quantifying the long-term health consequences of obesity.

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Demography in Public Health

Population health cannot be measured without the knowledge of it's size and characteristics. Understanding demography and population dynamics is crucial. Our research presents information on population issues together with demographic trends and their significance. This will allow us to understand better the intricate relationship between demographics and human health. 


Our funded projects

Our funded projects focus on matters pertaining to health, with a focus on how it is affected by family and the social environment. These include the Obesity Dynamic Project, focused on obesity prevention, Crossroads to Health, focused on migration and lifestyle changes with implications for social support, cultural norms and deteriorating health and Drivers of Food Choices together with Globalization & Health, focused on the drivers behind people’s food choices

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