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International University Students

Group 1


 We aimed to explore how health and health-related behaviors, specifically body

weight and factors associated with diet, physical activity, and sleep, change with migration among international students.


The study used international students from two large Southeastern United States Universities to understand premigratory health behaviours and how they differed across students from different origins. The study also involved the participation of students in their first month residing in the United States, and therefore was able to provide insights into immigrants perception of newly discovered foods and activities in the US.

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Our Current Projects


Diet and Weight Status among Newly Arrived International Students in the U.S.

Yueqi Li, Nida I. Shaikh, Hanyu Liu, Solveig A. Cunningham 

Changes in International Students’ Dietary Habits, Physical Activity and BMI During Their First Year After Relocating to the U.S

Zainab Rabeeah, Nida I. Shaikh, Solveig A Cunningham 

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