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Contributions of obesity and cigarette smoking to incident disability: A longitudinal analysis

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

This study estimated U.S disability incidence and quantified the contributions of obesity and cigarette smoking to disability incidence. Check it out.


Contributions of obesity and cigarette smoking to incident disability- A longitudinal anal
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It was found that obesity and cigarette smoking together accounted for 17-38% of disability incidence in the U.S. and each of them contributed equally. Obesity and smoking are key contributors to disability incidence. Our results suggest that a high BMI early in life may contribute to disability risk as obesity is associated with disabling conditions including diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, arthritis. Similarly, smoking influences disability as it contributes to the risk of respiratory illness, vascular disease and other conditions.

Effective intervention should address risk factors, targeting upstream social determinants of health. This is needed both in health policies and clinical arenas.

Supported by a National Institute on Aging center grant to the Population Studies Center at the University of Michigan


Tarlise Townsend, PhD., Neil K Mehta, PhD

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