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Pathways to Educational Disparities in Disability Incidence

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

The study assesses and estimates the proportion of population-level education disparities in disability incidence as a result of excess body mass index (BMI), smoking and manual labour. Check it out.


Pathways to Educational Disparities in Disability Incidence- The Contributions of Excess B
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Educational disparities in disability incidence were found in women and men at younger and older ages, however were largest among older women. The main contributors to disparities were found to be excess BMI and smoking in younger women, manual labour and smoking in younger men, excess BMI in older women and smoking in older men.

Interventions should aim at reducing disparities in disability and broad-based policies need to be put into place to improve access to quality education.

Supported by a National Institute on Aging center grant to the Population Studies Center at the University of Michigan


Tarlise Townsend, PhD., Neil K Mehta, PhD.

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